JellyFish Theremin by Yuri Suzuki

The movement of Jellyfish controls the sound, air- conditioning, the visual image and lighting.
Water is the element that possesses the most relaxing characteristics for human beings.
Jellyfish are the closest living thing to water that can be found on Earth.
I used jellyfish as the control center, since jellyfish are made up of 98% water, and I thought that the will of the water would be reflected in the movement of the jellyfish, if only a little.
If we were able to create a space controlled by jellyfish, wouldnユt it be the ultimate place of relaxation?
I got the inspiration for this system from the Theremin which is the oldest electronic music instrument in the world. The Theremin is also an instrument which is as mysterious as a jellyfish.

Prepared Turntables by Yuri Suzuki

A turntable that focuses on actively composing and playing music.
This record player has 5 tone arms, each of which can have its volume controlled by its own fader.
This is an analogue answer for the digitalized DJ.

Photography by Hans-Christian Schink

Props by Semâ Bekirovic

light sculptures by Ayala Serfaty

Shit We're Diggin: "Hungry Hungry Eat Head"

Hungry Hungry Eat Head from Bren O'Callaghan on Vimeo.