Body Drum Kit by Daito and Masaki Teruoka

I guess you all remember Daito Manabe his Electric Stimulus project where he stimulated his facial muscles with small electric pulses, synced to music. Daito and Masaki Teruoka developed the next step of this system. Together with myoelectric sensors, they can make music by tapping on each other’s skin.

Display of affection by Helge Fischer

Display of Affection from Helge Fischer on Vimeo.

I AM FURNITURE series by Bas van Raay

I AM FURNITURE appears to be a series which imposingly allocates an electric heater as a piece of furniture. Most of us have defined furniture as a table, a chair, or a bed, but who said that furniture isn’t any movable article within a room or an establishment that make it fit for living or working? Bas van Raay, identifies the objects of I AM FURNITURE, with the freedom of this thoughts and his mind. I AM FURNITURE is composed of four electric heaters - Little Sister, Big Brother, Siamese Twin, and Parents.