RGB Wallpaper

RGB is a collection of wallpapers designed by Carnovsky. Three different patterns are printed over each other, resulting in a very unclear image. Red, green or blue light can hide 2 of the patterns and make the third one appear. I really like this idea and I can very well imagine this wallpaper in a bar or club.



Multi-touch floor display

while multi-touch interactive displays offer a range of possibilities, they can be no larger than the average user’s arm span. this is why human-computer interaction professor patrick baudisch and his team have developed a multi-touch floor display. because of the size limitations with hand controlled interactive surfaces, only a few dozen onscreen objects can be dealt with at one time. baudisch wants to increase the possibilities with by integrating high-resolution multi-touch into back-projected floors. the floor concept can sense pressure and even identify users based on the soles of their shoes. the floor can ignore inactive users, focusing on known users who can use their foot to interact with very high precision. the floor is so precise users can type on a qwerty keyboard using their foot.

NIKE by Daito Manabe

Radius Installation

CC HH UK // Test video shot (unedited) from rAndom International on Vimeo.

A few months ago, rAndom International was commisioned to develop a site specific light installation for the lounge at London’s membership club Home House.

The installation is a sound-reactive media installation that plays with the light emitted by spatially arranged light sources. Where a commonly flat arrangement of LEDs would be conceived as a display with a resolution too low to establish image, text or pattern, Amplitude is actually home to a large number of individually controlled light sources on a y-axis. The introduction of a third dimension to the traditional concept of a display turns the piece into a vivid part of the space and emphasises the fact that the piece is a light installation rather than a display; the algorithm controlling the emittance of light creates a living organism that can be detected in the shadows that the installation casts on itself.

97 polysiloxane hoses

“97 polysiloxane hoses” is the latest sound installation by Zimoun. He developed this piece together with Daniel Imboden. 97 polysiloxane hoses are drilled through a table top. The compressed air flowing through the small tubes, makes them move randomly and generate an unique sound.

Zimoun : 97 polysiloxane hoses 3.0mm, compressed air, 2010 from ZIMOUN VIDEO ARCHIVE on Vimeo.


fine collection of curious sound objects


project by Georg Reil and Kathy Scheuring, January 2010
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt


Julien Berthier

Love love

Il n’y a pas de hasard


Balcon Additionnel

Yoshi Sodeoka

La société du spectacle (en 3D)


Augmented (Hyper) Reality

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

This film was produced by Architecture Masters student Keiichi Matsuda, as part of a larger project about the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality.

Still born (2010) - Rosa Menkman

Still born from rosa menkman on Vimeo.