Michael schoner: A3 animals

Netherland based architect michael schoner has developed 'A3 animals'. these paper masks are made from A3 sized sheets which can be folded into an animal mask and is held together by ordinary office materials: staples and rubber bands. these templates are download a blein pdf format, printable from any office machine and can be duplicated in mass quantities. They are available with a rasterized xerox style patterns which plays with the geometric shapes both in its folded and unfolded state.

Schoner intentionally did not add holes for these masks helping to keep the emphasis on the geometric patterns themselves. users are given the title of 'paper-shamans' who are meant to emotionally connect to the animal. eventually as the mask are taken off, these 'native office artifacts' much like the animals they represent, decay after a short lifespan in the wastepaper basket.

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